All My Pals Are Plants Zine

It’s finally here!! Our second zine! Yay! It’s called “All My Pals Are Plants” and it is a riso printed zine created by me and Erik Kirtley, featuring lettering and typographic illustrations by Edwin Beauchamp, Karl-Joel Lrsn, Lucy Sherston, May Kim, Petra Eriksson, Sissela Jensen, Steffen Knöll, and Unni Toivola. The contributions are all interpretations of different house plants. Every poster in the zine is an interpretation of a specific house plant and can be taken out if you’d like to put it up somewhere! Also comes with an A3 poster of the cover.

The zine is printed in an edition of 40. Get it at!

Book Cover | Dandelion Wine

As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, this is the year I design more book covers. The second book cover I wanted redesign was Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine. Ray Bradbury is mostly known for his classic novel Farenheit 451 and his work with science fiction novels, but if you ask me I think Dandelion Wine is my favorite. It’s such a beautiful book, filled with nostalgia and describes in depth the experience of being a child during summer. The cover is inspired by, of course, the dandelions, but also the colour scheme I felt when I read the book. Warm hues, like a summer sunset. I hope you’ll like the redesign, and I’ll be back with a new cover very soon!

Book Cover | Ready Player One

One of my goals this year is to make more book covers. I’m trying to make at least one cover each month, and this is the first cover I did this year! This is my interpretation and book cover for Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. For my cover I’ve taken inspiration from some of the main references mentioned in the book, such as the game Adventure (Atari, 1976) and the “three keys”. (No spoilers, I promise!) The cover flirts a bit with pixel nostalgia, but I’ve tried to give it more of a contemporary feel. Hope you’ll like it!

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Bauhaus Archive + Buchstaben Museum

I’m posting at a really slow pace now, but these last months has been intense. I’m really trying to push myself in my creative process this year, which is more time consuming than you’d think. But on the bright side I got a bunch of exciting projects to show you as soon as I’ve photographed and documented them!

In the meanwhile I’ll show you the last photos of my trip to Berlin, and more specific when me and my companions went to the Bauhaus Archive and Buchstaben Museum. Yup, I’m one of those pepz that thoroughly enjoy going to museums when I’m traveling, and most of the time the museum is the main reason that made me go in the first place. So when we arrived at the Bauhaus Archive it was a small dream coming true. In the early 20th century Bauhaus was one of the most influential design schools in Europe and it’s design philosophy made a huge impact on our (in Europe and U.S.A) “modern” definition of “modern design” (Google it!). Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take photos inside the museum, but at least I took some photos of the beautiful main building.

Next up was the Buchstaben Museum, and it was a beau. A whole museum of old neon signs, and some signs reached all the way up to the ceiling. Definitely worth a visit if you like letter signage as much as I do. That is all for now!

Berlin 2015

Tidigare i höst lämnade jag in en fotorulle för framkallning med foton jag tog från när jag besökte Berlin i Augusti. Jag skannade rullen innan jul, men glömde sedan att lägga upp bilderna. Så glad att jag tog med min analogakamera på resan, hade nog inte dokumenterat lika mycket annars. Vi bodde i Neukölln i en superfin lägenhet vi fixade via AirBnb. Önskar att jag hade lika fina fönster hemma i Stockholm som i den lägenheten vi hyrde, hade lätt kunna bo där. Den första dagen trosade vi mest runt och försökte få i oss någon vettig mat. Mer foton kommer sen från dagen vi gick till Bauhaus och Buchstaben Museum!

Illustrations for IKEA

I somras frågade IKEA om jag ville göra illustrationer för deras dekoration– och inspirationssektion på Ikeas hemsida. Uppdraget var att visa upp via illustration hur du hittar rätt storlek om du funderar på att skaffa en matta. Jag visste knappt själv att det fanns tips hur en skapar grupperingar och ytfördelningar i ett rum med hjälp av mattor, så uppdraget lärde mig dessutom något nytt! Det var verkligen utmanande att teckna möbler då det är något jag inte gör särskilt ofta, men nu i efterhand är jag verkligen sugen att teckna mer möbler och inomhusmiljöer. Kul uppdrag!

Lust att se resten av illustrationerna och inlägget? Klicka här!

Last summer I was asked by IKEA to make illustrations for a blogpost about “how to pick the perfect sized rug”. It was a really fun commission and I learned a lot about furnishing your home with rugs. I’m not used to illustrate furniture, so it was a bit of a challenge, but a fun one! If you want to see the whole blogpost about how to pick the perfect sized rug —> click here!